31 January 2011

Saved by the Scarf

It sure felt like a Monday today. I went to class, the dry cleaners AND an eye appointment. I'm pooped, which is funny because I've had way busier days than today. Either way, I'm glad I'm home for the night.

If you haven't noticed, I'm not that great with using a tripod. It's hard to make sure that neither my feet nor head are cut off. As you can see below, I didn't succeed today. I took my picture before leaving my apartment instead of when I got home, so I was a little rushed. Even if the picture isn't perfect, I still liked my outfit. I decided to throw on the scarf at the last minute because I noticed my shirt was super wrinkled. I figured that was easier than ironing it. Anyone agree?


scarf: bought in Vatican City
GAP v-neck
Forever 21 boyfriend blazer  
GAP jeans 
Target flats

30 January 2011

What a Weekend

If you didn't get a chance to make it to this weekend's Le Garage Sale, you missed out on some good shopping. There were a ton of awesome clothes, shoes and accessories all for really good prices. I bought this awesome magazine print dress for only $29 (it was originally $65, which I never would have paid!) I bought another dress from Langford Boutique, an awesome black beaded necklace from Sassen Boutique and a something for Matt for Valentine's Day. It's the perfect gift, so I can't wait to give it to him.

This strapless dress is also from Sassen Boutique in Bee Cave. I'm wearing it with my beloved acid wash denim jacket from GAP and Sam Edelman sandals. Yes, I'm wearing sandals and a summer dress in January. That's why I love Texas.

I can't wait to wear my new purchases this week. The only downside to the awesome weekend I had is that I spent way too much money. It looks like I'm eating cheap this week. Not a bad trade-off for how much fun I had though!

28 January 2011


I've been waiting all week for it to be warm enough to wear this dress. What a perfect day! I just had it altered last week so this is my first time wearing it. I'm so glad I decided to buy it even though the hem was originally down by my ankles. If there's anything I've learned about clothes, it's that almost anything can be altered to fit you perfectly.

I had to wear my trench coat this morning but didn't need it by noon. I also wore different shoes because I knew I'd never make it across campus to class on time if I wore these. This is how I would have worn it if I didn't have class on Fridays.

I'm wearing a vintage dress from Cream, a belt from Wish and BP wedges from Nordstrom.  


On a side note, I'm so excited about Le Garage Sale this weekend. I'm planning to get there early tomorrow so I can find the best deals! I don't really know what to expect because I've never been to it before, but I've heard plenty of good things. I can't wait! 

27 January 2011

Happy Days

Today was fantastic! First, I found out that my favorite fashion blogger, Jessica Quirk from What I Wore, commented on my last outfit post. That was a major confidence boost, especially because this whole blogging thing can sometimes be discouraging. Then, we were learning to use Photoshop in my multimedia journalism lab, so I had the perfect opportunity to take and edit a photo for today. 

I had my friend, Kristen, take this picture with my new Canon camera. Then, I was able to remove a pimple I currently have on my chin using Photoshop. I've always wanted to do that! My TA was more than willing to help when I asked how to do it. I think he agreed that it was best to remove it...


I'm wearing Old Navy skinny twill pants, a white GAP v-neck, a brown leather GAP jacket from Buffalo Exchange, a Zara scarf and DV Dolce Vita suede booties.   

I was inspired by Jessica's "kick ass" outfit and decided to create my own version. I liked it, but I'm looking forward to wearing something a little more feminine tomorrow.   

26 January 2011

Vintage Wear

I love being done with class and work before 5 pm. It reminds me of freshman year, when I had all the time in the world to myself. After too many crazy-busy semesters, it's nice to slow down. Wednesdays and Fridays are the best days of my week because I'm done at 2. Hence, the earlier-than-usual post today!   

I've always liked shopping at places like Goodwill, Ebay and Buffalo Exchange but just recently started vintage shopping. Cream Vintage, on the Drag, has become of my newest favorite stores. Their prices are already pretty low but they always offer to cut you a deal, especially if you're buying more than one thing. I've bought and altered multiple dresses from Cream, including the one I wore today.

I'm wearing a vintage dress and silk scarf from Cream, brown GAP belt, brown tights, brown Forever 21 ankle boots and a DKNY trench coat.


What do you think about my vintage wear? 

25 January 2011

Good-bye AOL, Hello Gmail

I was debating whether or not I would take a picture of myself to post today. It all started when I decided to make the life-altering switch from an AOL email address to Gmail. Let me put this in context: I've been using AOL since we got our first computer with internet access in my house when I was 9. It was time for an update.

Then, I was busy as soon as I got home by catching up with my roommate, Jackie, making ratatouille for dinner (and tomorrow's lunch!) and attempting to live-tweet the State of the Union for extra credit. All these things took priority over stopping to take a picture of what I was wearing. Things got especially crazy when the fire and carbon monoxide alarms went off while I was in the middle of cooking and when I spent the first part of the SOTU address looking up what hash tags and tweet privacy are. I was tired, but it really doesn't take any longer that a few minutes to get a few decent pictures of my outfit. I actually really liked my outfit today so I'm glad I was able to document it for later inspiration.

I'm wearing a light pink H&M sweater tunic, black tights, nameless brown boots from Ebay,a Calvin Klein pea coat from Burlington Coat Factory and a scarf from Target.   


24 January 2011

Wonders of Technology

It's the first whole week of classes and it's only Monday. Womp womp. I hope I can make it until Friday! Ok ok, I'll admit that my schedule is pretty easy (and fun!) this semester. I'm finally taking my multimedia sequence classes and so far, I've been learning some pretty cool things. Now I know what an RSS feed is. They are awesome! How come no one told me about them before? I've already subscribed to all my favorite blogs and websites on Google Reader and made it my home page. I feel like a dork, but can't help being amazed at technology. Now all I need to do is get rid of my ancient AOL email account and start using my Gmail account.

Here's what I wore Monday: 

I'm wearing a Zara top I bought in Mexico City a few years ago, an American Apparel skirt, black tights, nameless brown boots from Ebay and a DKNY trench coat.

21 January 2011

Triple Whammy!

I'm a few days behind on posting my daily outfits. I want to post the pictures on the day I'm actually wearing the clothes, or at the very least, the next day. I'm going to show you what I looked like on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so that we can get back on schedule.



I wore this on the second day of class and kind of just threw on the socks at the last minute. I had black tights on at first but it just didn't look right with the trench coat and it also wasn't that hot outside that day.
I'm wearing a purple dress and grey socks from Forever 21 with black boots I randomly found on Ebay a few years ago. 

I thought it would be silly to wear such a big coat that day, but I'm glad I did because it was so windy! The heaviness held down by skirt and kept me warm in the 25 mph wind. My hair was another story, though. I bought those shoes for $5 but, oh my goodness, they were killing my feet. I'm so glad I had on tights or else the backs of my ankles would have been raw.

I'm wearing a vintage coat from Buffalo Exchange, an Old Navy chambray shirt, a yellow Gap skirt, brown tights and flats from Target.


This was my version of a casual Friday outfit. I say casual because I don't wear pants or jeans that often. I'm usually drawn to skirts and dresses instead. I really like this outfit though. I thought the shoes, bag and coat made it much more interesting. This is becoming my favorite coat. I hope it stays this cold so I can keep wearing it!

I'm wearing a sweater and boots from Forever 21, green crop pants from Urban Outfitters, a vintage briefcase/handbag from Cream and a vintage coat from Buffalo Exchange.

20 January 2011

Today was a great day. School has started but there are still weeks until exams and due dates so I'm enjoying it. I've had plenty of time to get working on this blog and feel like I'm on roll.

These pictures were taken by Matt before I figured out how to use the self-timer on his camera and my roommate's tripod. This was what I wore on the first day of school. It felt very preppy, like I was supposed to be in a classroom.

I pulled my socks up too high!
And this is what happened!  
There is supposed to be a nice gap in between my socks and the hem of my skirt like in the first picture, but unfortunately they just look like sweater tights in the second one.

The white top is from Buffalo Exchange. I should have taken a picture of the outfit without the trench coat because it's a really cool blouse with ruffles all around the neckline and sleeves. The skirt is from Gap, the belt is from Wish, the trench coat is from Macy's, the socks are from Forever 21 and last, but definitely not least, my oxfords are from Piperlime (the brand is Very Volatile).

Oh, and please excuse my shiny face. I keep taking pictures at the end of the day instead of the morning when I'm the freshest. I either need to wake up earlier to take a picture or freshen up before I take a picture in the evening.

19 January 2011

First outfit!

It's been almost a month since I last posted anything. That's going to change really soon. Since I won't be laying around my apartment in my pajamas all day anymore, I'm going to have much more motivation. This semester, I'm taking two classes for my journalism multimedia sequence that require me to constantly think about blogging, social media, web publishing, etc. I figure the more often I blog, the better I'll get at it and more people will read it. It might even help me in my classes!

I have been slowly working on my outfit posts and I'm proud to introduce the first one:

I wore this sometime last week. The dress is from Buffalo Exchange (originally from Target), the tights are from Ross, the coat is from an estate sale in San Antonio and my shoes are from Piperlime. This is pretty much the perfect example of my style. I never know how to describe it. I'm hoping that seeing my daily outfits on a computer screen will help me see them from an outsider's perspective.

More outfits on the way!