24 December 2010

I've been very lazy...

It's almost a week later and I still haven't followed through with what I said I would do! I want to start posting photos of my daily outfits, which should be easy enough because I get dressed everyday. So, what's my deal?

Unfortunately, the Christmas break has made me really lazy. All I"ve been doing is watching TV and movies and drinking a lot. I haven't even been reading, like I planned to do non-stop during the break. I've only wanted to do things that require absolutely zero brain power, which I'm allowing (for now) because I had such a demanding fall semester. And ever since my boyfriend moved back to Austin, he's pretty much been taking up all my time. So, even though I've been wearing clothes each day, I didn't feel like they were good enough outfits to post. Then, I realized that was a stupid excuse because any outfit I wear showcases my style, which is really what's important and what I want people to see.

So, now that I'm back home in Harlingen for a few days, I don't have my photographer boyfriend to take pictures of me. And apparently I've been living outside of the Valley for too long because I was actually surprised that it was a humid 80° today and will probably be the same tomorrow. Most of the clothes I brought were meant for Austin weather, which was my silly mistake. At least I have a reason to stop by Harlingen's massive department-store-sized Forever 21 tomorrow.

If I don't take or post any outfit photos soon, I'll definitely have plenty after I get back from Vegas. But fingers crossed that I'll have some before! This whole me-not-owning-a-camera thing is getting old.

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