20 May 2011

Traveling Pants


Aren't these gaucho pants fun? I never thought I'd wear a pair of gauchos again, but here they are, in all their purple glory. I love them!

I remember when gaucho pants briefly came back into style around 2005. I had a black pair from Target that I loved to wear with my high school football team shirt. After I got rid of them a few years ago, I thought gauchos were gone from my life forever. It turns out I was wrong. As soon as I saw these pants at work, I had to try them on. They fit perfectly and looked so great that I had not other choice but to buy them. 

I can see these pants working for many occasions, especially this summer. They are super comfortable, so they are perfect for traveling. I even wore them for the drive out to Canyon Lake earlier this week. 

On Monday, I wore a pants from Cream Vintage, a shirt and sandals from Gap, and a hat from Academy Sports & Outdoors.


  1.  ah!  how totally adorable are you in these AWESOME pants?!??!!!!!  so super cute.  and with the hat, just completes it.  why did we ever not love culottes/gauchos?  i'll never understand the old me.  thankfully we've both seen the light :)

  2. I've never hated gaucho pants.  These cropped pants are like wearing a skirt on each leg.  These purple ones (though black and brown are most common) are cute on you along with that lovely hat.  Cute sandals as well.  Very cute look!


  3. What gorgeous colored gauchos you have, my dear! I love this outfit. The hat, especially. So cute! I want your hair...sigh.