31 May 2011

Red Hot Shorts


After almost a week of traveling around Texas, I'm finally back home in my cozy apartment. I really missed Angus, but I think he barely noticed I was gone. He had my roommate to keep him company and he's a pretty independent cat anyway. I'm going to stop talking about my cat before I sound too crazy.

My only obligations this summer are to work at Cream Vintage, write for the store's blog, and hang out. I'm looking forward to some good summer reading (I'm on my third book) and keeping up with yoga (I'm working on my handstand). Of course, I'll also be visiting Matt in Baytown whenever I get the chance.

On Sunday, I wore sandals and shorts from Forever 21, a Gap shirt, and a headscarf that my dad and step-mom bought at an estate sale in San Antonio.


  1. Jackie E KennedyMay 31, 2011 at 6:16 PM

    My compliments to the photographer, Clarissa Garza.

  2. Adorabilly ;-) As always!!