31 May 2011

Red Hot Shorts


After almost a week of traveling around Texas, I'm finally back home in my cozy apartment. I really missed Angus, but I think he barely noticed I was gone. He had my roommate to keep him company and he's a pretty independent cat anyway. I'm going to stop talking about my cat before I sound too crazy.

My only obligations this summer are to work at Cream Vintage, write for the store's blog, and hang out. I'm looking forward to some good summer reading (I'm on my third book) and keeping up with yoga (I'm working on my handstand). Of course, I'll also be visiting Matt in Baytown whenever I get the chance.

On Sunday, I wore sandals and shorts from Forever 21, a Gap shirt, and a headscarf that my dad and step-mom bought at an estate sale in San Antonio.

28 May 2011

The Stand-In Photographer


My sister, Clarissa, has been nice enough to be my photographer while we're in Harlingen. Well, I guess I didn't really give her a choice. Either way, she's turned out to be a great photographer! Lately, I've been depending on other people to take my pictures instead of using a tripod. It's easier to get more visually appealing photos when the camera isn't stuck in one position. Unfortunately, I don't always have someone at my beck and call to take my pictures.

I'll be leaving the Rio Grande Valley tomorrow to stay with my dad and step-mom in San Antonio for the night. It's been a fun, but short trip. After our family Memorial Day barbecue, I'll be on the road back to Austin on Monday.

On Saturday, I wore a Gap skirt, a Forever 21 shirt, a belt from Goodwill, and L.e.i. shoes from Walmart.

27 May 2011

I Wish Monkeys Could Skype...

I've been having a great time back home in Harlingen. I hadn't seen my mom or grandparents since Christmas, so it was definitely time for a visit. I've been doing all the things I used to do when I lived here including getting bubblegum raspas, eating Mexican food, and going to the movies. The Hangover Part II was so funny! (FYI, the title is a quote from the movie.) 

It was impossible to get my sister's dog, Ali, to stay still for pictures. My sister, Clarissa, had a really great idea to take my outfit pictures with her, but she kept running around in circles. I was too busy trying to calm her down while also keeping the hair out of my face to get any decent pictures with her. This was the best of the bunch, but I look a little grey and Ali was in the middle of trying to chew through her leash.

On Friday, I wore a vintage dress from New Bohemia, a belt from Buffalo Exchange, and shoes from Walmart.

26 May 2011

Texas Traveling

Oh my, what a week. After spending a couple of days in Baytown, I drove back to Austin for a single day and then I was back on the road the next day headed for the Rio Grande Valley. I don't have A/C in my car, so it was a very uncomfortable five hour drive. It was almost 100° today, so I'm not sure how I was able to stand it. Thankfully, I'll be riding back to Austin in my sister's car, which has glorious A/C that gets almost too cold sometimes.

I've worn this dress a few times on here already, but that's because it's my favorite dress. I won't get into the mushy details again because you can read it here.

On Tuesday (and again on Wednesday), I wore a dress from Ethic in Rome, Italy and L.e.i. shoes from Walmart. 

24 May 2011

I (Kinda) ♥ Baytown

My little trip to Baytown is almost over. I’ll be back in a few weeks, so I don’t have to say goodbye. I think this little town is starting to grow on me. I’m exploring more than I did when Matt was here last fall. It’s been fun keeping myself busy while he’s at work.

Yesterday, I checked out the local Goodwill and found a great vintage skirt for only $7. Then, during my hunt for curtains at Walmart, I saw these great platform sandals. They are amazingly comfortable and go with almost everything I brought to Baytown. I was originally wearing my sandals from Bakers, but I put these babies on as soon as I got back to Matt’s apartment and haven’t taken them off since. I can’t wait to see what else I can wear them with when I’m reunited with my whole closet.

On Tuesday, I wore men’s Levis jeans from Savers that I cut into shorts, a shirt from Buffalo Exchange and L.e.i. sandals from Walmart.

23 May 2011

Back to Baytown

Matt wanted everyone to get up close and personal
with my sandals and unpainted toenails.

It's begun. Matt is working for ExxonMobil in Baytown, Texas, which means I'll be back and forth between here and Austin this summer. He worked here last semester, so I'd already had a taste of Baytown once before. I'm not going to lie; it's not the most exciting place. It actually reminds me of my hometown, Harlingen, which isn't saying much. 

I'm going to make the best of it while I'm hanging out here, waiting for Matt to get off work. Today, I've got plans to buy curtains for Matt's windows and shrimp for our stir-fry dinner tonight. I wonder if this is what it feels like to be a housewife. Eeeek!

On Sunday, I wore a dress from J.Crew (the only thing I've ever bought for full price in that store) and sandals from Bakers.

20 May 2011

Traveling Pants


Aren't these gaucho pants fun? I never thought I'd wear a pair of gauchos again, but here they are, in all their purple glory. I love them!

I remember when gaucho pants briefly came back into style around 2005. I had a black pair from Target that I loved to wear with my high school football team shirt. After I got rid of them a few years ago, I thought gauchos were gone from my life forever. It turns out I was wrong. As soon as I saw these pants at work, I had to try them on. They fit perfectly and looked so great that I had not other choice but to buy them. 

I can see these pants working for many occasions, especially this summer. They are super comfortable, so they are perfect for traveling. I even wore them for the drive out to Canyon Lake earlier this week. 

On Monday, I wore a pants from Cream Vintage, a shirt and sandals from Gap, and a hat from Academy Sports & Outdoors.

19 May 2011

Summer Dreams

Excuse the misaligned buttons.

Matt thought I needed a "Twist and Shout" pose.


It's been a fantastic week. After having worked every day last week, I've been enjoying the recent days off. It seems like all I've been doing is eating, drinking, and sleeping. I'm like a baby!

I spent two days out in Canyon Lake with my best friend's family earlier this week. It was wonderful. Her dad made us the most delicious meals that sent us into food comas. I didn't want to leave, but I had to come back for work. It seems as though time is flying by this summer. It's been such a blur!

(Last) Thursday, I wore a top from Cream Vintage, shorts from Urban Outfitters, and shoes from Target.

15 May 2011

Beer Advocate

Yes, that's a nice cold Shiner Ruby Redbird in my hand. It tastes like grapefruit! I love fruity beers like Sam Adams Cherry Wheat and Abita Purple Haze.

I don't want you getting the wrong idea about my beer drinking habits. While I do enjoy sweeter beers, I also love a nice frothy Guinness or my all-time favorite. a Red Stripe. All this writing about beer makes me want to pop open the last Leinenkugal Summer Shandy (it tastes like lemonade!) that's sitting in my fridge. Too bad I'm heading to work in an hour.

On Thursday, I wore a men's shirt from Cream Vintage, Urban Outfitters pants, and Target shoes. I topped the outfit off with the first vintage necklace I ever bought, about 5 years ago in Harlingen.

14 May 2011

Feel Good Outfit

This shirt and skirt combo has been one of my main go-to outfits in the last couple of years. It never lets me down. I remember buying this top at one of the many H&Ms in Rome, Italy in 2007. I've probably worn it at least 50 times since then.

I've been wearing this skirt since 2007, when I first discovered American Apparel. Actually, I had to replace it last year because I wore the first one so often. 

This was also the first outfit I wore out after being bedridden with a horrible stomach virus for a week in my Spanish homestay in 2009. I was beyond excited to finally leave my twin-sized bed and go site seeing in a nearby city.

On Wednesday, I wore an H&M top, an American Apparel skirt, a Gap denim jacket and Steve Madden sandals. 

13 May 2011

Working Hard for the Money

I thought I'd have a lot more free time once classes were over, but I was wrong. I've been working every single day! I just ended my job on campus and picked up some extra shifts at Cream Vintage, so it's been a busy week. Hopefully I'll have some time off soon, now that I only have one job. I can't wait for a day off! 

On Tuesday, I wore a Starina dress from Buffalo Exchange, a belt from Goodwill, and a necklace and shoes from Target.

10 May 2011

A Dress for All Seasons

It's my last day of work at the UT Austin Counseling & Mental Health Center. I've been working here throughout the school year since the first semester of my freshman year. Fast forward to four years later and I'm still here. I'm still not entirely sure if this is my real last day or if I'll be back in the fall. The financial aid office sure is taking their sweet time deciding whether or not they have enough money I should be a student employee again.

I haven't worn this dress since January when it was cold. I had no idea what it looked like without tights and a coat. Luckily, it' a pretty cute dress that can work for both cold and hot weather. 

This is what I wore Friday, on the last day of class. I wore a dress from Cream Vintage, a leopard-print belt from Forever 21 and Merona shoes from Target.

09 May 2011

Indian Summer

Besides the fact that I've been seriously slacking at blogging lately, I've been living the high life. I turned in my last assignment on Sunday, so I can finally relax and enjoy the summer. I work almost everyday this week, but at least I'm earning money instead of sitting in class. Plus, I have more time to do fun things for me. I'm continuing my unlimited yoga class pass and planning a visit to Recycled Reads and Half Price Books next weekend to stock up.

I love the summer.

On Saturday, I wore a vintage gauze skirt from Splendor, which I reviewed on Rags from the Past, a shirt from Goodwill, a belt and headband from Walmart, and shoes from Bakers.

06 May 2011

Party Pants

Aren't these pants just fabulous? I imagine that an elderly lady wore them while she played bingo, hoping to win and finally plan that trip to Hawaii with her golden girlfriends. Or maybe it was a soccer mom, who wore them to her kids' games on the weekends. Either way, these pants put me in a great mood.

We've had these pants at Cream Vintage for awhile, but I never thought to try them on until last weekend. As soon as I put them on, I immediately knew I'd wear them with denim jacket. This denim jacket is a lifesaver. It goes with almost everything in my closet.

On Wednesday, I wore pants from Cream Vintage, a GAP shirt and denim jacket, a belt from Wish (now closed), and shoes from Target.