23 July 2012


Forever 21 dress (worn as top), thrifted vintage skirt, belt from Wish (closed),
Seychelles wedges from PB&J Boutique (giveaway win), necklace from Matt
Yesterday night, I was cleaning out my closet and made the mistake of trying on a pair of jeans I hadn't worn since last summer. Mind you, they're skinny, non-stretchy, white jeans and I've been drinking beer and eating fast food all weekend (don't judge me). Anyway, I got the jeans up to my hips and they felt TIGHT. I have no idea how I ever managed to get them on before. I successfully squeezed myself into them, but it was not a pretty sight.

Although it didn't make me break down and cry, it got me thinking about how lazy I've been in the last year. At this time last year, I was practicing yoga 5-6 times a week. I stopped sometime during the fall semester and subsequently gained about 10 lbs., which is a lot of weight on my 5'1" frame. When you add in not-so-healthy eating and drinking decisions, I'm not that surprised.

Bottom line--I'm not saying I'm fat by any means. I'm quite proud of my body (here's proof!) and all that it can do, but I should probably be treating it a little nicer. I feel comfortable in all my clothes except those damn jeans and it's time for a change.


  1. This is such a nice outfit Natalie, I can relate to your post, ever since the Summer break started I have been eating fast food like there was no tomorrow, I didn't do that before as I always tried to eat healthy but I crave hamburgers and fries and pizza, my son loves it but just today he mentioned while we were eating dinner "what happened to you mami? you were thinner" as he poked my protruding belly hahaha years ago I would have been panicking but I'm okay with my body now, the only thin I don't like it's that I've also started breaking out on my face and I don't like that at all, I guess it's all that grease I've been eating.