18 July 2012

A Little Diversity

thrifted pants, Old Navy blouse and trench vest,
Forever 21 necklace, Banana Republic heels
Yesterday, one of my favorite bloggers, Eli from Thrifteye, was nice enough to include me on her list of favorite Hispanic/Latina bloggers. I completely agree with her introduction about how people with similar heritages are not all the same. It sucks being thrown into one category because of your background. I like to think I don't really fit into any certain stereotypes though. I'm just me.

Reading Eli's post made me realize that some of my favorite bloggers aren't even from the United States. Here's a collection of some of my favorite foreign bloggers:

-Her Waise Choice: I'm in love with this Canadian blogger's classic, feminine style.
-Garance Doré: She is the epitome of French chic.
-Raspberry and Red: This blogger from Poland is super young with an amazing sense of style.
-High Street Cardigans: Ana, a personal shopper from Romania, is sassy and sexy and I love it.
-A Pair & A Spare: This Australian blogger living in Hong Kong is a DIY genius.


  1. CropdusterAquaMan92July 18, 2012 at 6:40 PM


  2. Hola Natalie! =) cute blog you have here, I'm Mexican-American, my boyfriend never gets why I say that instead of just using "hispanic" but I don't like to just be thrown in a group on the Spanish-speaking bunch, I'm proud of my heritage and culture, both my parents were born in Mexico, I was born in the U.S. Usually people think I'm Mexican too, just because I like to speak in Spanish, they are surprised when I tell them I was actually born in the U.S. I love the U.S. too. =)