08 August 2012

Goodbye For Now

I've been thinking...a lot. As most of you may already know, Matt and I have moved to Houston and I started a new job. It's been a whirlwind two weeks. I haven't taken outfit photos since before we left Austin, but I can honestly say that I don't really miss it. I didn't think this day would ever come, but I'm pretty sure it's finally arrived. I think I've been blogging for the last year and a half because it gave me something to do other than school and random jobs. It was something that kept my mind busy with outfit ideas and writing about myself everyday. With my new job, I've got plenty to keep me busy. In fact, I've been so tired after work the last couple of days that I kept putting off writing this.

What I'm trying to say is "goodbye", at least for now. I've got a lot on my plate right now and so many things that are more important in my life than blogging. I have an amazing boyfriend, a great job, an awesome apartment, and two wonderful pets. I want to concentrate on enjoying life, not stressing about taking a picture of an outfit that I only wore for 24 hours.

I might be back eventually. I just know that I need a break for now. I'm going to keep reading my favorite blogs just like before, but I won't be blogging for awhile.

Here's to a new life.

30 July 2012


I don't have any outfit photos for you today...or for the last week. The last few days have been CRAZY. I've been back and forth between Houston and Austin, unpacking our new place and getting aquatinted with our neighborhood in Houston while still working at Texas Monthly in Austin.

Fortunately, I'll officially be living in Houston by the end of this week.

Unfortunately, all our stuff is still in boxes in our new apartment AND we're potty training Charles.

I may have some good news in the next few days. And I promise I'll get some outfits posted as soon as I'm in one place for more than 48 hours. Stay tuned!

23 July 2012


Forever 21 dress (worn as top), thrifted vintage skirt, belt from Wish (closed),
Seychelles wedges from PB&J Boutique (giveaway win), necklace from Matt
Yesterday night, I was cleaning out my closet and made the mistake of trying on a pair of jeans I hadn't worn since last summer. Mind you, they're skinny, non-stretchy, white jeans and I've been drinking beer and eating fast food all weekend (don't judge me). Anyway, I got the jeans up to my hips and they felt TIGHT. I have no idea how I ever managed to get them on before. I successfully squeezed myself into them, but it was not a pretty sight.

Although it didn't make me break down and cry, it got me thinking about how lazy I've been in the last year. At this time last year, I was practicing yoga 5-6 times a week. I stopped sometime during the fall semester and subsequently gained about 10 lbs., which is a lot of weight on my 5'1" frame. When you add in not-so-healthy eating and drinking decisions, I'm not that surprised.

Bottom line--I'm not saying I'm fat by any means. I'm quite proud of my body (here's proof!) and all that it can do, but I should probably be treating it a little nicer. I feel comfortable in all my clothes except those damn jeans and it's time for a change.

20 July 2012

Houston, Here We Come

thrifted skirt, Gap tank top and denim jacket,
Seychelles wedges from PB&J (giveaway win), gifted necklace from Matt
This is our last official weekend as Austinites. It feels weird knowing that next weekend, we'll be Houstonians. When I was about 18 years old, I used to think I'd move anywhere other than Houston. I'm not sure why I felt that way. All I knew about Houston was that it was big and my mom used to live there when she was younger. I had only been to Houston a few times before Matt started interning for ExxonMobil and I spent every other weekend there. Here are the few things I've learned/realized about Houston:

1. Driving in Houston makes me want to crap my pants. Six lanes = scary.

2. There are more jobs in Houston than in Austin. But, there are also a lot more people vying for those jobs.

3. Thrifting is waaaaay better in Houston.

4. No allergies in Houston. I hope.

5. We'll be close to a beach again!

6. There are food options other than Tex-Mex. Say what?!

7. Our neighborhood will not be overrun with college students. In fact, it's very quiet and quaint.

8. Austin definitely influenced my style for the better and I'm excited to see what Houston does for me.

9. There's an H&M in Houston. Enough said.

10. Starting a new life in a new city is always exciting.

Now that I think about it, I listed more good than bad things about Houston. That's definitely a good sign!

19 July 2012

From Good to Better

thrifted skirt and blouse, Forever 21 earrings, Payless wedges
This tank top is another item of clothing that I recently updated. I've been on a alterations kick lately. I really should be taking before and after pictures, but once I get an idea in my mind, I don't even pause to think about it. Shame on me.

Anyway, this tank top had a 90s surfer feel before I altered it a bit. The neckline had two buttons and was a little too high for my taste. All I did was tuck it in and sew it down to create a faux v-neck. It only took about 10 minutes and now this top seems so much more versatile. It's perfect for the summer, not to mention that I love the print.

18 July 2012

A Little Diversity

thrifted pants, Old Navy blouse and trench vest,
Forever 21 necklace, Banana Republic heels
Yesterday, one of my favorite bloggers, Eli from Thrifteye, was nice enough to include me on her list of favorite Hispanic/Latina bloggers. I completely agree with her introduction about how people with similar heritages are not all the same. It sucks being thrown into one category because of your background. I like to think I don't really fit into any certain stereotypes though. I'm just me.

Reading Eli's post made me realize that some of my favorite bloggers aren't even from the United States. Here's a collection of some of my favorite foreign bloggers:

-Her Waise Choice: I'm in love with this Canadian blogger's classic, feminine style.
-Garance Doré: She is the epitome of French chic.
-Raspberry and Red: This blogger from Poland is super young with an amazing sense of style.
-High Street Cardigans: Ana, a personal shopper from Romania, is sassy and sexy and I love it.
-A Pair & A Spare: This Australian blogger living in Hong Kong is a DIY genius.

17 July 2012

The Advantages of DIY

thrifted dress (re-designed by yours truly), thrifted Gap shirt,
belt from Wish (closed), Banana Republic wedges, Forever 21 earrings
Would you like to know a little secret about this skirt? Once upon a time, it was a dress. I bought it fully knowing that I would have to alter it if I ever wanted to wear it. I just couldn't pass up the beautiful fabric. Before I transformed it, it had a strange wrap-around skirt, full 80s sleeves, a high neckline, and buttons on the back. I wish I'd taken a "before" picture, but I'm not lying when I say I wasn't going to wear it unless the shape was totally different.

I must have had the dress for almost six months without touching it. I almost forgot I had it until I was on Pinterest one day and stumbled across this photo. I thought to myself, "Wow, I really want a floral skirt now." Then, I remembered that I already had a floral dress and decided to make it a weekend project. It definitely took some vision, but I'm so happy with the results. After I cut off all the parts I didn't like, it was as easy as sewing the seams back together. I didn't have to mess with any elastic or zippers, which made it that much easier.

What do you think about my dress-turned-skirt?

13 July 2012

Weekend Plans

It's Friday! I have a really fun weekend to look forward to and I'm finding it very difficult to focus at work. Instead, I'm writing this blog post and pinning recipes like crazy.

Matt and I are having a party/get-together/pachanga tomorrow to say goodbye to our friends here in Austin. It's funny because most of the people coming are people we will definitely be seeing again. So, it's really just an excuse to eat and drink with everyone. I'm making lots of food including crab spinach artichoke dip, fried cauliflower, stuffed jalapenos, shrimp kabobs, and some other goodies. I'm also soaking watermelon in tequila and making blueberry infused vodka lemonade. Oh, and we're barbecuing. We really know how to throw a party.

Since I don't have any outfit photos for you today, I'll leave you with my trusty margarita recipe to get your weekend started. It takes a lot longer than using a margarita mix, but totally worth it.

tequila blanco
orange flavored brandy liquor 
simple syrup
kosher salt
cocktail shaker

1. Prepare the simple syrup ahead of time. Bring 1 cup of water to boil in a saucepan. Add 1 cup of sugar once boiling and stir to help it dissolve. Boil for about five minutes or until the sugar has completely dissolved. Let it cool in the fridge (or freezer, if you're like me and always forget to do this ahead of time.)

2. Start squeezing those limes. If you have a juicer, you're lucky. I squeeze two limes to get about 1 shot of juice. 

3. Mix 2 parts tequila blanco (Don Julio is the best, but I usually settle for Jose Cuervo Tradicional), 1 part orange flavored brandy liquor (I use Gran Gala, a cheaper version of Grand Marnier), 1 part simple syrup, 1 part lime juice, and ice in a cocktail shaker. Now, shake!

4. Pour your delicious margarita into a glass with a salted rim and enjoy.

11 July 2012

Puppy Love

thrifted blouse, Urban Outfitters skirt, Sam Edelman sandals, Target earrings

We took Charles for his first walk earlier this week. He still doesn't have his last vaccine, so we're not potty training him yet. We just want him to get used to being outside and having distractions other than his squeaky toys and Angus. We only walked him to the corner store near our apartment, but you could tell he was tired by the end. We took him about three times that distance the next day and he was so happy. I think he just really likes being with us, rather then him being left alone at home.
Having a puppy is too much fun.

10 July 2012

A Whole Lotta Leg

thrifted Levis jeans (cut into shorts), Gap blouse,
Forever 21 earrings, Seychelles wedges from PB&J Boutique (giveaway win)
It feels like it's been sweltering hot FOREVER, rather than just a few weeks. I've been wearing as little clothing as possible when I'm not at work. On Sunday, I decided to dress up my never-nudes (Arrested Development, anyone?) with a bright pink blouse and my new favorite wedges.

Have I mentioned that I got these shoes for free? I entered my name in a giveaway that Kate from O My Heart! was hosting a few weeks ago. I entered halfheartedly because I never win anything, so you can imagine my surprise when she emailed and told me I won. Needless to say, I've worn then almost every day since I got them. They go with everything, including my never-nudes!

09 July 2012

Almost Over

thrifted skirt, Old Navy tank top, Gap denim jacket,
Seychelles wedges from PB&J Boutique (giveaway win)
My first "real" week at Texas Monthly went by super fast. I can't believe that in three weeks, it'll all be over and Matt and I will be living in Houston. It doesn't seem real.

We've been trying to enjoy the little time we have left in Austin. In other words, we've been partying it up for the last week and will probably continue to do so until we leave. Last week was a blur of work, hanging out with friends, and going fun places. I've been keeping track of all the things I'm going to miss about Austin with this countdown. Check it out and let me know what you think. Even better, remind me of the things I need to do/see before leaving Austin!

03 July 2012

Too Hot to Layer

Gap dress, Old Navy vest, necklace from Langford Market,
belt from Wish (now closed), Seychelles wedges from PB&J Boutique (giveaway win)
It was unbearably hot outside while I was taking these photos. All I could think about the sweat dripping down my face, so I gave up after I got a few good ones. Even though it's been this hot for a few weeks, I can't seem to get used to it. I have to mentally prepare myself every time I'm about to walk outside. It was kind of silly to wear a second layer over my dress, but I liked how it looked. In retrospect, I probably should've lost the trench vest. It definitely would have been a lot cooler. Oh well. You live, you learn, right?

While we're on the subject of learning, my head's on the verge of exploding from everything I learned yesterday at my new job. It was the first day on my own, so I was at the office until 7:15 p.m. last night. I probably would've stayed there longer if Matt hadn't come to pick me up for a friend's birthday dinner. The work just kept coming and I couldn't find a good stopping point. It was dark by the time we got home, so taking outfit photos was out of the question. Let's hope I don't get sucked into my work again tonight!

02 July 2012

A Ray of Sunshine

Gap skirt, Banana Republic tank top, Forever 21 earrings,
belt from Wish (now closed), Seychelles wedges from PB&J Boutique
(won through a giveaway hosted by Kate from O My Heart!)
I spent the last six months working almost every Saturday and Sunday. Other than a few weekends I requested off because of something or another that I needed to do, I haven't had a whole weekend off just to hang out since before I started working at the bridal salon. This past weekend was the first one I had off without any plans. It was awesome. We barbecued on Friday, slept in on Saturday, and went to the lake on Sunday. Even though I usually had two days off during the week from working at the bridal salon, it wasn't always in a row. Plus, there's just something not as fun about trying to do weekend-type stuff during the week.

Hopefully, I won't have to work weekends again anytime soon.

28 June 2012

Guilty as Charged

thrifted vintage skirt, Gap shirt and denim jacket,
Banana Republic wedges, Swarovski necklace (gift from Matt)
I know I just wore this skirt last week, but luckily there isn't a rule that says I can't do that. Sometimes, it feels like I can't repeat an outfit or even just part of an outfit because it will be boring for people to see. Then, I realize that it doesn't really matter. I wanted to wear this skirt with this denim jacket and no one was going to stop me. Maybe it's not going to bring me more page views or visits, but I decided a long time ago that's not why I write this blog. I write it to keep a visual journal of what I wear because it helps me keep my closet organized. I know exactly which items in my closet get the most wear and which ones don't.

Before I started blogging, I had a very different wardrobe. It's not that it was bigger exactly, but it wasn't as well-rounded as it is now. Now, I don't buy certain things unless I can see myself wearing it at least a couple of different ways. Blogging has helped me revamp my wardrobe, as well as figure out and define my personal style. Although blogging about personal style isn't for everyone, keeping some sort of documentation would definitely be useful for someone trying to clean out/organize/reinvent their closet. After just a few weeks, it's easy to see the styles and colors you tend to gravitate to. Then, it's just as easy as getting rid of all the other stuff that doesn't make the cut!

27 June 2012

Floral Escape

thrifted blouse, Halston Heritage skirt from Julian Gold, Banana Republic shoes
I started training at my new (temporary) job on Monday. I'm not going to lie; I feel in way over my head, but my supervisor seems to have total confidence in me. That's great for now, but she's leaving for vacation next week while I take over her position for the next month. I won't be able to turn to her when I have a question or ask her when I'm unsure about something. Luckily, everyone at the Texas Monthly office is very friendly and willing to help. I'm just worried about being the "new girl" who doesn't know what she's doing. Either way, I'm so excited to be in an office again!

I wore this outfit on my last day of work at the bridal salon Sunday. I wanted to wear something fun and floral to celebrate how happy I was to be done. It was the perfect outfit to wear to end my bridal stylist career, at least until I put on this ensemble as a farewell:

I definitely went out with a bang. 

25 June 2012

Outfit Remix

thrifted Isaac Mizrahi for Target dress, Forever 21 lace bolero,
necklace from Langford Market, Banana Republic wedges

I've been trying my hardest to "shop" my own closet and use what I have to create new outfits. This is one of those attempts. I've had all the pieces of this outfit for awhile, but have never worn them all together before. I really like the result. If you ever feel like you don't have anything to wear (let's face it, it happens more than you'd like to admit), have a few drinks and spend the evening putting outfits together. Maybe you don't need the drinks, but a little alcohol always gets my creative juices flowing. The point is to mix and match pieces that you wouldn't normally wear together. I try to do this at least once a month and always end up with tons of great outfit ideas. I've got about five outfits, including this one, waiting to be worn from my recent "dress up" session.

In more exciting news, I'm officially done at the bridal salon! I am beyond relieved to be done with that part of my life and looking forward to upcoming changes. In fact, I start training for my new month-long job at Texas Monthly today. Wish me luck!

22 June 2012

Back From the Dead

Gap dress, Old Navy sleeveless trench vest, Target necklace, wedges from Walmart
I spent all of Wednesday and half of Thursday in my pajamas and glasses being completely useless. I surfed the internet, watched TV, and played with Angus and Charles. I didn't do anything productive, mentally or physically challenging.  I started to feel like a degenerate after about 36 hours, so I finally got dressed and decided to buy some groceries. I had eaten everything delicious in my fridge and had resorted to consuming mass quantities of liquor for my calorie intake.

Even though I was a total slob and would die if anyone ever saw me like that (even Matt), I wouldn't take it back. Sometimes, it's nice to take a step back from reality and spend some time completely alone. With that being said, I sure am glad Matt is coming home from his family vacation tonight.