19 January 2011

First outfit!

It's been almost a month since I last posted anything. That's going to change really soon. Since I won't be laying around my apartment in my pajamas all day anymore, I'm going to have much more motivation. This semester, I'm taking two classes for my journalism multimedia sequence that require me to constantly think about blogging, social media, web publishing, etc. I figure the more often I blog, the better I'll get at it and more people will read it. It might even help me in my classes!

I have been slowly working on my outfit posts and I'm proud to introduce the first one:

I wore this sometime last week. The dress is from Buffalo Exchange (originally from Target), the tights are from Ross, the coat is from an estate sale in San Antonio and my shoes are from Piperlime. This is pretty much the perfect example of my style. I never know how to describe it. I'm hoping that seeing my daily outfits on a computer screen will help me see them from an outsider's perspective.

More outfits on the way!


  1. Absolutely adorable! I'm liking the blog, it is very you. Good luck with it this semester, and with the rest of your classes.