25 January 2011

Good-bye AOL, Hello Gmail

I was debating whether or not I would take a picture of myself to post today. It all started when I decided to make the life-altering switch from an AOL email address to Gmail. Let me put this in context: I've been using AOL since we got our first computer with internet access in my house when I was 9. It was time for an update.

Then, I was busy as soon as I got home by catching up with my roommate, Jackie, making ratatouille for dinner (and tomorrow's lunch!) and attempting to live-tweet the State of the Union for extra credit. All these things took priority over stopping to take a picture of what I was wearing. Things got especially crazy when the fire and carbon monoxide alarms went off while I was in the middle of cooking and when I spent the first part of the SOTU address looking up what hash tags and tweet privacy are. I was tired, but it really doesn't take any longer that a few minutes to get a few decent pictures of my outfit. I actually really liked my outfit today so I'm glad I was able to document it for later inspiration.

I'm wearing a light pink H&M sweater tunic, black tights, nameless brown boots from Ebay,a Calvin Klein pea coat from Burlington Coat Factory and a scarf from Target.   


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