12 December 2011

Army Chic

thrifted skirt, Gap shirt, necklace from Buffalo Exchange,
vintage jacket from Cream Vintage, DV Dolce Vita booties

Holy moly, I haven't been this stressed out in awhile. There are a million other things I should be doing right now (getting ready for work, studying for my final in less than 24 hours, preparing for my upcoming interview, cleaning my apartment, buying an external hard drive, and packing for Mexico), but blogging has become sort of therapeutic for me. And I could really use some therapy right about now. I have so many things that need to get done before Thursday because I'll be gone for a whole week. I plan to continue blogging while I'm in Mexico, as well as getting my Etsy store up and running (yay!), writing a review about the Hana hair straightener I received as a gift from Misikko, working on a few posts for Broke and Chic, and of course, laying on the beach and drinking the days away. Oh and somehow I plan to squeeze in working out in the awesome hotel gym. OK seriously, I'm going to stop listing everything I need to do because I might start hyperventilating. Moving on to less stressful subjects...

Do you like my new hairstyle? I don't normally wear my hair up, but it was really dirty and I was in the mood for something different than the Big Bun. I'd remembered seeing this hair tutorial awhile back and thinking it looked pretty easy. Turns out, it really is! I threw a headband in my purse and put my hair up at work in less than five minutes. After I took out the headband that night, I had really nice curls that framed my face perfectly. I definitely recommend trying out this style if you're looking for an easy and pretty alternative to a ponytail.


  1. Your hair looks so beautiful! I love this look. I just adore my Hana straightener - it does wonders.

    Goodwill Huntingg: Happy Holidays

    Accessory alert: tassels

  2. Oh, poor lady! I hate being stressed out like that. There's a fin line between busy-fun and busy-busy-tired. But your hair looks great, and you'll have so much fun in Mexico! 

  3. lovely hairdo...
    i'm following :)


  4. I just checked out your blog and absolutely love your style!!