06 December 2011

Home Sweet Home

Gap shirt, thrifted skirt, belt from Texas Style Council clothing swap,
necklace from Buffalo Exchange, DV Dolce Vita wedge booties

I'm sorry about the lack of posts for the last few days. It was a super busy weekend with graduation on Saturday and then driving the five hours back home to Harlingen on Sunday. Although there isn't much to do in the Rio Grande Valley, I've been keeping myself busy. Aside from being lazy at my mom's house, I've been exploring the amazing shopping I never even knew existed when I lived here. I'm not talking about fancy shopping malls or boutiques (because those are nonexistent here); I'm talking about my favorite kind of shopping--secondhand, or as they call it in Spanish, ropa usada.

A good friend of mine who used to live in Brownsville, a neighboring city in the Valley, told me about some shops near the U.S. - Mexico border that sells really cheap used clothes. I decided to check them out and boy, was I in heaven! There must have been around 10 shops selling used clothing for very low prices. I gave myself a limit of $30 and ended up spending it in the first few shops I went into. I bought five skirts, two dresses (one covered in sequins!), a pair of heels, and a tie (for Matt). The stores were just like regular thrift stores, but everyone was speaking in Spanish. I really wish I had known about these places back when I lived here, but I guess I wasn't really into wearing thrifted clothes back then anyway. Now, I have something to keep me busy whenever I come home to visit my mom!

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