16 December 2011

Let's Talk Hair

Gap tank top, Urban Outfitters skirt,
estate sale necklace from my step-mom, Montego Bay wedges from Payless

You might have noticed I've been wearing my hair up like this a lot recently. It's super easy, looks really pretty and if you wear it overnight, you wake up with curls! I've had quite a few people compliment me on this hairstyle here in Mexico (which is not as easy to explain in Spanish as I thought it would be), so I wanted to share the video I learned it from. It's definitely become my new favorite hairstyle and I think it would work on many different hair types and lengths. I hope you try it after watching the video!

While we are on the subject of hair, tomorrow I'll be reviewing the Hana hair straightener I received from Misikko, a great website that sells the best professional beauty products. Stay tuned!


  1. love, love, looooove this skirt! :)


  2. Thanks! It was my retail present to myself for being done with class. Even better, it was on sale!