07 December 2011

Tuck it in

vintage skirt from Smashion, thrifted Gap sweater,
necklace from Buffalo Exchange, Forever 21 boots

I'm heading back home to Austin today, but there's not much time for relaxing. I'll be working at Cream Vintage from Thursday through Monday and I have my last final on Tuesday. Then, right after my job interview in Houston on Wednesday, I'm heading to Cancun with Matt on Thursday. Yes, you read that right: I got an interview!!! I don't want to give away too many details about this pending job because I don't want to jinx it, but let me just tell you that I'm absolutely determined to get it. I'm so glad to be leaving the country for a whole week right after the interview because I'm definitely going to need to get away. I'm probably going to be a ball of nerves until next Wednesday when it's all over.

I bought this lovely skirt on Smashion, which is a great website where anyone can sell their used or new clothes and accessories that need a new home. This skirt belonged to Linda from Little Tin Soldier, one of my favorite Texas-based blogs. I didn't even know it was her skirt until after I bought it and then I was even more excited because she has great taste. Check out how she wore it here. I wanted to wear it immediately even though it was a cold and rainy day (hence the cloudy pictures), so I decided to wear it with a sweater. I'd never tucked in a sweater before, but I think it worked. What are your thoughts on tucking a sweater into a skirt?


  1. OMG I so adore this combination. Ever since that epic Michael Kors collection camel and red mixed together has been one of my FAVES. Nice work.

  2. amazing mix of beige and red, knit and pleats... totally in love with this look! i love to tuck in tops ( i tuck in nearly everything you can wear on top - if  i could, i would tuck in bras ;)))))
    i can't wait to see more. like your style!