18 December 2011

HANA Flat Iron Review

I was recently contacted by Misikko to write a review about one of their best-selling products, the HANA Professional 1" Flat Iron. That meant I would have to test one out myself, so they sent me one for free! I thought I would just be getting a flat iron, but it actually arrived in a huge box with tons of other goodies and products. It was like getting an early Christmas present!

I kept pulling out more stuff from the box including makeup, a hair towel, a sleep mask, HANA styling serum and a lot more. I spent so much time checking out everything else, I completely forgot about the flat iron for a couple of minutes.

After oohing and ahhing at everything, I got down to business and began unwrapping the iron. It was inside another case in the metal box, which showed how well-protected they kept it. I was also sent a few other carrying cases and accessories including a silicone mat to set it on when using it.

Lo and behold, here's the flat iron in all it's glory. The first thing I noticed was how light it was. It has a nice grip and was very easy to use. I used to flat iron my hair all the time back in high school, but then I got lazy and started wearing my hair naturally in college. Even though it had been awhile, I remembered how important it is to use a protecting serum like the HANA Shine Shield Thermal Protectant I'd been sent.

The serum is similar to BioSilk, but less greasy. I used a nickel-size dollop and spread it first on the ends of my hair and then over the top part of my hair. I divided my hair into sections and started flat ironing from underneath and worked my way up. It took me about 10 minutes to flat iron all my hair, which is really fast for me. It was all thanks to this awesome flat iron!

The iron didn't pull at my hair at all and my hair glided through the plates smoothly. It heated up quickly, so I didn't have to waste any time in getting started. As you can see, the iron left my hair really smooth and it felt soft and silky. I highly recommend the HANA Professional Flat Iron for anyone looking to replace their old one or for someone who wants to buy their first flat iron. In fact, I'm giving my old one away and keeping this one because it's that much better.

Thanks Misikko and HANA for allowing me to test out such an awesome product. In addition to flat irons, Misikko sells a ton of professional level beauty products including hair dryers and curling irons. They even offer free shipping and returns on most of their products, which is always a plus.

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  1. Isn't this flat iron incredible? I love their hair silk too! I absolutely love straightening my hair now that I have one.

    Goodwill Huntingg

    Decidedly Dapper