28 July 2011

Pajama Party

Like most summers usually go, I only get dressed on the days I have to go to work. I'm only working part-time, so that means I'm spending all that other time in my pajamas. I forgot how much I love doing that. Of course, I enjoy getting dressed up and looking cute, but there's something very satisfying about being cozy all day long. It's a good thing classes start in less than a month because I need a reason to get dressed everyday.

Even though I don't work today, I got dressed right when I woke up because I was freaked out about my recent laziness. I can't let it become a habit or I might even start wearing pajamas to class.

¡Qué horrible!

(Please shoot me before I ever consider doing that.)

On Wednesday, I wore a Kimchi Blue dress from Urban Outfitters (sale rack, as usual), a necklace from Francesca's given to me by my step-mom, and Forever 21 sandals.


25 July 2011

Lazy Summer

I can't believe how much I've been neglecting my blog lately. I'm trying to live up the last few weeks of summer and stopping to take outfit photos hasn't really been a priority. But seriously, it only takes 10 minutes to get a couple of good pictures. And then another 30 minutes, give or take, to edit them and write up a post. It's not that hard, but for some reason, I'd rather spend that hour reading or sleeping. Or watching I Love Lucy, which I've been doing a lot of since I discovered a bunch of episodes to watch online for free.

Now, instead of doing something fun, I have to get packing. I move to my new apartment this Friday! Hopefully after I'm settled, I'll be back to blogging on a regular basis.

On Wednesday, I wore a skirt from Goodwill, a Gap shirt, a leopard print belt from Forever 21, and Sam Edelman sandals.

21 July 2011

Hot Child in the City

My one and only vacation this summer is officially over. My best friend, Jackie, and I spent a couple of days in Washington D.C. visiting her brother and my sister. We were even able to squeeze in a 24-hour trip to NYC. I forgot how much I love that city. After spending just one day there, my long-time desire to move there has been rekindled.

It was my first time visiting D.C., so I was really excited. I was surprised at how much hotter it was than Austin. It was so humid, it felt like walking through a swamp. There was a film of sweat on my face anytime we were outside, so I didn't take pictures of every single outfit I wore. Thanks to Jackie reminding me, I was able to capture a few.

This was taken in the Union Station right after our arrival in D.C. I wore a Gap tank top, a thrifted skirt from Goodwill, a belt from Wish (now closed), and Bakers sandals.

Jackie and I went to the Smithsonian National Zoo while our siblings worked on Monday. I wore a vintage men's shirt from Cream Vintage, thrifted men's Levis made into cutoffs, and Bakers sandals.

In retrospect, I probably should have worn a tank top. Or at least something not made of polyester. Thankfully, they had misters!

This was right before our departure to the airport for our flight home. I couldn't miss my last chance to pose in front of Jackie's brother's very cool three-story row house. I wore a Forever 21 dress and necklace, a belt from Wish, and Bakers sandals.

I had such a wonderful time in D.C. I can't wait to go back and see everything I missed. Now that my vacation is over, I'm looking forward to moving into my new apartment. I suppose I have my last semester as a UT Austin undergrad to look forward to as well, but I have no idea how I'm paying for it. My financial aid is still up in the air, but I'm not letting it bring me down. I've still got two weeks until it's time to panic!

14 July 2011

Summer Reading

I'm sorry about my recent absence. I just spent the last couple of days with my nose in a few books. I read one good novel and went on a binge from there. I'm leaving to Washington D.C. tomorrow, so I probably won't be posting until I'm back next week. I suppose I should have lined up some outfit posts, but I was too busy devouring the kind of books that should only be read during the summer. You know the type: something kind of romantic with a funny, often unhappy or overweight, female protagonist who wants to change her life. Think Sophie Kinsella, Jane Green, and Jennifer Weiner. I can't get enough of the drama!   

On Tuesday, I wore a tank top from Goodwill (altered at Cream Vintage), an American Apparel skirt, a necklace from Target, and Sam Edelman sandals from Nordstrom

11 July 2011

Lucy, I'm Home!


If you don't already know it, I Love Lucy is my absolute favorite TV show. I used to watch it with my grandma when I was little and I guess I never grew out of it. I'm pretty sure I've seen every single episode multiple times. I never get tired of laughing at Lucy while she's doing something ridiculous or watching Ricky Ricardo bang away Babalu on his bongo.

This dress makes me feel like Lucy. Fortunately, I didn't get caught up in some crazy scheme while wearing it. Now that I think about it, I wouldn't mind being Lucy next Halloween. All I need is a red wig and an apron!

On Saturday, I wore a dress from Cream Vintage, a belt from Wish (now closed) and shoes from Family Thrift Center.

09 July 2011

Big Bird or Bumble Bee?

I freaking love this blouse. Unfortunately, my camera is unable to capture exactly how awesome it is. It's bright mustard with tiny black polka dots all over and huge, billowy sleeves that kind of feel like wings when I flap my arms. No, of course I didn't take five different flapping shots before I realized I looked absolutely ridiculous.

I took 10. And as you can see here, none of them made the cut. 

On Thursday, I wore a vintage Liz Claiborne blouse that my step-mom, Rose, bought for me at an estate sale in San Antonio, an American Apparel skirt, a belt from Goodwill, and DV Dolce Vita booties from Nordstrom.

08 July 2011

More Than You Care to Know

I bought this dress earlier this summer, but haven't worn it as often as I wanted to. After wearing it the first time, I realized there were a few rips along the seams and hem.

Before I go on, let me say that was a mistake on my part. I should have inspected the dress better. What were you thinking, Natalie?!?

Oh yeah, that it was $10 and fit perfectly.

I didn't want to make the rips any worse, so I put the dress in my "alterations" pile, where it sat for a few weeks until I finally got around to it. I guess I sort of forgot about it after I brought it home because it's been fixed for a few weeks now. I can't believe I forgot about such a pretty dress!

And that's today's story about why it's sometimes unfortunate to have as many clothes as I do. I can't help that I love options!

On Wednesday, I wore a Chestnut Street dress from Buffalo Exchange, a belt from Goodwill, and L.e.i. wedges from Walmart

06 July 2011

Sometimes I Even Amaze Myself

I'm a few days late posting this outfit. I wore it to work last Friday, but haven't had a chance to post it until today. I guess I celebrated the Fourth of July weekend a little too hard.

I'm really proud of this outfit because it was completely thrifted. This 100% silk dress looked like it had never been worn and only cost $9.99. These pink slingbacks (only $3.97!) were a steal considering I've already worn them a couple of times in the mere two weeks I've had them. I don't think I've ever bought shoes for so cheap, unless you count the $1 flip-flops from Old Navy. I don't think you can compare those, though.

On Friday, I wore an August Silk dress from the Baytown Goodwill and Pappagallo shoes from a Family Thrift Center in east Houston.

Check out who was spying on me while I was taking these pictures. Sneaky cats! 


This was my reaction when I saw them.

Hey, you crazy cats! 

02 July 2011

A Current Obsession

I've been seeing these high waisted red shorts everywhere. At least three different girls walked into Cream Vintage wearing similar ones while I was working Friday and Saturday. I really liked seeing other people style them in their own way. It definitely gave me a lot of ideas!

I've got to say, I've never been so happy to be following a trend. You wouldn't think such bright shorts could be so neutral, but they really go with everything. I have to stop myself from wearing them too often. I don't want them to fade, but I can't really expect them to last for very long because they were only $10.

On Wednesday, I wore Forever 21 shorts, a tank top from Goodwill (altered at Cream Vintage), a necklace from Sassen Boutique (bought at Le Garage Sale), and Sam Edelman sandals.