12 March 2012

Camera Tricks

Forever 21 dress and earrings, jacket from Langford Market,
bracelet courtesy of InPink, Banana Republic heels

Do you like that close-up of my rosy face? I just got these earrings last week, so I really wanted to show them off. It's times like these that make me wish I had a good DSLR to capture all the details of my outfit. I've been getting so frustrated with my basic point-and-shoot camera lately. As most of you probably already know, I take my pictures using a tripod and the self-timer on my camera.  You think it would be relatively easy, but it can be pretty difficult trying to get the same focus and lighting in each shot.

I've found that taking photos in front of a wall is better because there isn't much for the camera to focus on other than me. If I take a picture with multiple things behind me, the camera focuses on all that other stuff because I'm out of the shot pressing the self-timer button. When I get in front of the camera as the timer is counting down, I'm unsure of where it's focused and there are only about three seconds between each shot. Sometimes, I'll take a series of eight pictures and delete them all because they're all out of focus.

I know this problem could be solved by getting Matt to take my photos, but we have completely different schedules. Getting a DSLR would be the ultimate solution but unfortunately, I should buy a new laptop before I even consider a new camera. I'll save the "how I killed three laptops in three months" story for next time. It's a good one.


  1. Baby pink. Suits you :)

  2. Mom Fashion WorldMarch 13, 2012 at 3:30 PM

    You look lovely just like a pink color.
    Nice cardigan.

    COme visit my blog and let's follow each other on GFC?


  3. Cute outfit, I really love those shoes. I definitely feel your frustration about the whole camera thing. I'm currently saving up for a dslr...hopefully soon. So nice meeting you this weekend. Hope we can keep in touch.

    xo erica

  4. I agree the Erica--those shoes rock! It was awesome meeting you at TxSC! Thanks for the awesome neon orange skirt. I'm excited to maybe post a few pictures of it. 

  5. It was great meeting you this weekend!  I'm still jealous of your flouncy swap dress :) 

  6. I LOVE those earrings, and I already told you how much I loved your shoes. It was nice meeting you during TxSC! Love your style and prettty face! 

  7.  It was so nice to meet you too, Jessica! I can't believe TXSC came and went by so fast. It feels like just yesterday I was getting excited about going!

  8.  Thanks Haley! You wouldn't be jealous if you saw how difficult it is to get in it. Velvet doesn't stretch, that's for sure hahaha! I do love it though.

  9.  Thanks Erica! It was really great to meet you, too. I've already got your blog in my Google Reader, so I'll definitely keep in touch!

  10. I'm glad it went to a good home. I can't wait to see some pics! I have a maxi skirt that's the same color. Check out how I wore it: http://theclosetdenatalie.blogspot.com/2011/06/orange-turquoise.html