22 March 2012

Computers & Cotton Candy

jacket from Langford Market, Gap shirt, thrifted skirt,
Forever 21 earrings, Banana Republic wedges
I got a MacBook! I finally bit the bullet and spent a ridiculously large amount of money to own this beautiful machine. My new computer is so sleek and fast and I absolutely love it.

OK, I'll try to stop drooling.

I bought this jacket at Langford Market during the Texas Style Council. I don't usually go for jackets and cardigans at stores, but I've been really drawn to them lately. A third piece is the perfect way to finish off an outfit and make it look complete. Without this pink jacket, it would have been a pretty boring outfit. The end result looked like cotton candy to me. What do you think?


  1. fabulous colors...pink  and blue is so electric. You're right, the pink jacket does add pizzaz. You look feminine and sassy. 


  2. I love this.  It's a great example of color blocking.