01 March 2012

Medium Rare

Gap jacket, Old Navy dress, Zara flats, Forever 21 earrings

I've really got to stop wearing so much pink. I can only imagine how boring my outfits are getting for y'all. "Really? Pink again, Natalie?" It's the fourth post in a row I've worn something pink, but I'm putting a stop to this madness.

I think it's time to move on to another color obsession. Got any suggestions? I'm leaning towards sea foam green or bright blue. Really, anything that isn't pink will do. Here's my new rule of thumb when it comes to wearing pink: the amount I wear should be equivalent to how I like my steak --medium rare. Just enough pink, but not too much and certainly not everyday. With that being said, I'll still wear pink occasionally. And I could go for a steak about now.

Sorry for those of you who are vegetarians. I like love meat.

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