26 December 2011

Yay or Nay?

sweater and earrings from Forever 21, Gap cordoury pants, Banana Republic flats,
Calvin Klein peacoat from Burlington Coat Factory
You know how sometimes you'll try something on and can't tell if you really like it? That's how I felt about this sweater. I haven't worn it since last winter, but I don't remember it being this oversized. It was so big that I didn't know what else to wear it with besides pants. Y'all know pants and jeans aren't my first choice, but I looked like a hobo when I wore it with a maxi skirt. After seeing these pictures, I think I've decided to get rid of it. If there's one thing (OK, I've learned many) about having this blog, it's that if I'm struggling with how to wear a certain clothing item, it probably isn't worth the trouble.

What do you think about this sweater? Is it a keeper or worth getting rid of?

1 comment:

  1. Keep! Wear with leggings and boots!