30 November 2011

The Day Before I Graduate

shirt, skirt and denim jacket from Gap, Banana Republic flats,
vintage necklace from an estate sale in San Antonio

I was like a walking ad for Gap in this outfit. I felt a little guilty because it was the same day The Daily Texan article was featuring me as a thrifty fashionista. I'll admit that Gap is definitely not a very thrifty place to shop at unless there's a sale, but that happens more often than you'd think. To my defense, I bought this skirt and jacket back when I had an employee discount. Man, do I miss those days.

The only item I'm wearing that wasn't from Gap is this very pretty necklace given to me by my step-mom, Rose. She loves buying vintage jewelry and accessories at estate sales and then showing me her awesome finds. The best part is when she lets me choose something for myself. Thanks, Mama Rose :)

By the way, I'm officially done with class! Never again will I have to sit through some god-awful class about African history (yes, I took that) or deal with a crazy professor that calls themself Dracula (true story). I feel so free! Oh, except for that fact that I still have to take a final exam on December 13. I'm not sure how I'm going to convince myself to study for it especially because I'm graduating TOMORROW. Even if I completely bomb it, I'll still earn my degrees. It feels great to be (almost) done.

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