29 November 2011

Such a Wonderful Day

Gap sweater, thrifted blouse from Goodwill,
Levi's jeans from Urban Outfitters,
DV Dolce Vita wedge booties

Do you ever wake up feeling completely confused about where you are and what the hell time it is? I had one of those mornings today. I must have been in a really deep sleep because my alarm scared the crap out of  me when it went off. Then I realized what day it was...the day I'm being featured in the Daily Texan! I grabbed baby computer (more on that later) off the floor and madly typed in the address without even putting my glasses on. I realized I'd need to be able to see to actually read the article, so I shoved my glasses on and started reading at lightening speed. The journalist, Jessica, did such a great job on the article and really captured how passionate I am about blogging and thrifting. Please read it here and tell me what you think!


  1. Cute look! I love the stripes. Congrats on your feature in Daily Texan!
    I recently partnered with JewelMint to give new customers a 50% discount on their first purchase! Be sure to check it out. Take care :)

  2. I love all of your outfits!! I am in Austin too so it's exciting to see what you find at certain stores! I have been trying to go to cheaper places than Buffalo Exchange! Hah :)


  4. Thanks Angela! I am all about finding new stores in Austin that I can actually afford to shop at. I hope you keep visiting my site to learn about all the other places I shop at!

  5. I love the layering! The stripped shirt is beautiful.