27 November 2011

Night Shots

vintage skirt and coat from Goodwill Blue Hanger, Gap shirt,
belt from Wish (closed), Forever 21 earrings and boots

Of course, it was dark by the time I got home from work on Saturday. Story of my life. I really liked my outfit, so I decided to make do and take some photos outside. Actually, Matt took them because I wasn't going to try using my tripod in the dark.

I've only worn this coat twice, but both times I wore it with orange. It was only after I decided to wear it with my brightest orange skirt that I realized I had already worn it with an orange sweater. You wouldn't think leopard and orange would look so good together, but they really do! I think I must have read this article sometime in the last six months and subconsciously decided to try it. What do you think about this combination?


  1. aw! oh my gosh, i just stumbled upon your blog. i love it & i'm your newest follower. i love your style...infused with vintage pieces, but still contemporary. thrifting for gems is the best, no? 

    come say hi back if you please!


  2. Thank you Bridget! Yes, thrifting has become one of my biggest passions over the last year. It's so nice to know there are so many of us out there. Yay for fellow thrifters!