18 April 2012

A Slight Hiccup

Gap jeans, Forever 21 shirt and earrings, Banana Republic heels 
How come when everything in my life is going wonderfully, BAM, something messes it all up? I had a great (although exhausting) weekend, but then I noticed that my car was making a weird noise as I was driving home from work Sunday evening. It was a harsh, crunching sound coming from my front right tire. I even pulled over just to make sure I wasn't getting a flat. Of course, I had no idea what it was, but I knew I just couldn't ignore it. It was so loud! I ended up taking my car to Sears after work on Monday to have them take a look at it. Of course, I was that girl. The one who walks in and says, "My car is making a weird noise and I don't know what it is." I tried to throw in some car lingo like suspension and rotating, but the problem was something I never could have guessed. Apparently, I was missing a shock absorber, which didn't mean much to me except that I'd have to pay $100+ to fix it. It's all taken care of, but let's hope nothing else goes wrong this week!


  1. Those jeans are awesome! They look great on you!

  2. Love your jeans Natalie!! I've actually tried them on twice and willed myself to resist as I'm trying to save money. So hard though, I feel like they're taunting me here. Buy me, buy me! You look super cute! xx Natalie