11 April 2012

Free Time

thrifted dress, Old Navy sleeveless trench coat,
vintage necklace from Buffalo Exchange, Banana Republic wedges
I've already seen a huge difference in the amount of time I have to myself with this new job. I'm done by 5 p.m. four times out of the week, which leaves me with plenty of time to run errands and get things done. I've been really wanting to update my Etsy store, but I didn't have time when I was working retail hours. With all my free time, I should be able to get a couple of items posted over the next few days.

I have a decent pile of vintage clothes in really good condition (mostly thrifted) and I wasn't sure if I should just try to sell them to Buffalo Exchange or a local vintage store for quick cash. I've been making pretty steady money on Etsy, so I think it's worth the extra effort to sell them on my own. After I get the store up-to-date, I'll start working on all the other things I haven't had time for. I have a huge pile of clothes that need to be hemmed or mended, not to mention that I haven't worked out since 2011. One thing at a time...

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