16 April 2012

Weekend Recap

thrifted Izaac Mizrahi for Target dress, Old Navy trench coat,
Forever 21 necklace, Gap wedges
Oh boy, what a weekend. Instead of relaxing like everybody else did, I worked my butt off at the bridal salon. We were understaffed and overbooked on Saturday, so I spent most of the day running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. On top of that, I had to work all day Sunday. Even though I worked both days, I still managed to have some fun in the evenings.

Matt and I hung out with my best friend, Jackie, and her awesome family on Saturday night. It reminded me of the get-togethers we used to have when Jackie and I lived together. Then on Sunday evening, we had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory with Matt's family. It's one of their favorite places to go and I always get the same thing--the Chicken Madeira. It's freaking delicious and there's always half left to take home. Basically, it was a long weekend full of working and a whole lotta eating. Here's to a new workweek! I'm definitely looking forward to sitting at a desk for a few days.


  1. Sorry your weekend was so wild- that's always exhausting. But, you look so fresh and elegant in this outfit. The dress is so good on you!

  2. Thanks, Kate. This dress is one of my treasures from the Goodwill in Baytown. If you ever head that way (although I'm not sure why you would), definitely check it out. I always walk away with the best finds.