31 January 2011

Saved by the Scarf

It sure felt like a Monday today. I went to class, the dry cleaners AND an eye appointment. I'm pooped, which is funny because I've had way busier days than today. Either way, I'm glad I'm home for the night.

If you haven't noticed, I'm not that great with using a tripod. It's hard to make sure that neither my feet nor head are cut off. As you can see below, I didn't succeed today. I took my picture before leaving my apartment instead of when I got home, so I was a little rushed. Even if the picture isn't perfect, I still liked my outfit. I decided to throw on the scarf at the last minute because I noticed my shirt was super wrinkled. I figured that was easier than ironing it. Anyone agree?


scarf: bought in Vatican City
GAP v-neck
Forever 21 boyfriend blazer  
GAP jeans 
Target flats

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