24 January 2011

Wonders of Technology

It's the first whole week of classes and it's only Monday. Womp womp. I hope I can make it until Friday! Ok ok, I'll admit that my schedule is pretty easy (and fun!) this semester. I'm finally taking my multimedia sequence classes and so far, I've been learning some pretty cool things. Now I know what an RSS feed is. They are awesome! How come no one told me about them before? I've already subscribed to all my favorite blogs and websites on Google Reader and made it my home page. I feel like a dork, but can't help being amazed at technology. Now all I need to do is get rid of my ancient AOL email account and start using my Gmail account.

Here's what I wore Monday: 

I'm wearing a Zara top I bought in Mexico City a few years ago, an American Apparel skirt, black tights, nameless brown boots from Ebay and a DKNY trench coat.

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