27 June 2012

Floral Escape

thrifted blouse, Halston Heritage skirt from Julian Gold, Banana Republic shoes
I started training at my new (temporary) job on Monday. I'm not going to lie; I feel in way over my head, but my supervisor seems to have total confidence in me. That's great for now, but she's leaving for vacation next week while I take over her position for the next month. I won't be able to turn to her when I have a question or ask her when I'm unsure about something. Luckily, everyone at the Texas Monthly office is very friendly and willing to help. I'm just worried about being the "new girl" who doesn't know what she's doing. Either way, I'm so excited to be in an office again!

I wore this outfit on my last day of work at the bridal salon Sunday. I wanted to wear something fun and floral to celebrate how happy I was to be done. It was the perfect outfit to wear to end my bridal stylist career, at least until I put on this ensemble as a farewell:

I definitely went out with a bang. 


  1. I love this floral blouse!!! The post itself is also a personal favorite of mine-- fantastic photos (especially the last one) and great writing.