20 June 2012

Lazy & Unashamed

Forever 21 shirt and earrings, vintage thrifted skirt, Zara wedges from Buffalo Exchange
(worn for work at the bridal salon)
I have a couple of days off of work until Saturday, but I'm finding it really hard to convince myself to leave my apartment today. It's been way too long since I could just hang out in my pajamas and veg out all day. OK, so maybe the real reason I don't want to go anywhere is because I started watching True Blood again. I have a whole season to watch, so I stayed up super late last night because I couldn't stop. My sister is a huge fan of the show and she convinced me to start watching it again. I suppose I could be using my time in a more productive manner, but while Matt is (still) gone, I'm really unmotivated to do much of anything.

Here's to enjoying a day of laziness!

Before I forget, I'm linking to Laura's Work It Wednesday. Even though I'm not working today, I did wear this outfit to work yesterday. It's definitely a very "me" outfit, but I looked pretty darn bright standing next to the brides in wedding gowns. It's a good thing I won't be doing working there much longer because I'm not so good at toning it down.


  1. http://goo.gl/4SCqo

  2. Love your skirt but I really want to say that True Blood is just about the most amazing show ever! I saw the first episode of season 5 last night and it blew me away at how amazing it was!! It's like the perfect mix of suspense, crazy, and funny. I think that's why I liked American Horror story so much too!

  3. Oh my gosh, I know. I spent 24 hours on my day off watching all of season 4 and catching up on season 5. I literally could not stop.