06 June 2012


thrifted skirt, Old Navy tank top, Gap cardigan, vintage belt, thrifted Nine West wedges 
I love this outfit. I was in a great mood after running three miles with Matt before work and this outfit really showed how I felt. I thought I was going to have an awesome day at work, but little did I know that everything was going to go wrong that day. I literally had a mini-breakdown in the back room while I was trying to handle a certain bride's situation. I just wanted it all to be over, but it was just problem after problem. It was the first time I'd felt so overwhelmed at the bridal salon that I actually started tearing up. Let's hope that never happens again, at least in the three weeks I have left.

Even though I had a rough couple of days at work, I have two days off starting today. It'll technically be my "weekend" for this week, so I'm going to take full advantage of my 48 hours of freedom. Matt and I are going for a run at Town Lake this morning followed by a trip to the grocery store. Not the most exciting stuff, but they're errands I wouldn't normally have time for on a workday. The fun stuff is happening on Thursday...

We're going to Houston to check out some apartments! We're only going for the day because we don't want to leave Charles overnight. It's going to be a lot of driving, but we really need to jump the gun on a few places we've found and possibly put a deposit down. Wish us luck on finding the perfect place!

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  1. I'm so sorry you had such a rough day, it's exhausting to feel so out of control even when you've done everything you could do. 
    The good news is you look wonderfully fresh in this outfit. Pink is so good on you.And, um, hooray! What areas are you touring? We're in the Montrose/ Museum district and 10000% love it. I can't wait to hear more!