25 June 2012

Outfit Remix

thrifted Isaac Mizrahi for Target dress, Forever 21 lace bolero,
necklace from Langford Market, Banana Republic wedges

I've been trying my hardest to "shop" my own closet and use what I have to create new outfits. This is one of those attempts. I've had all the pieces of this outfit for awhile, but have never worn them all together before. I really like the result. If you ever feel like you don't have anything to wear (let's face it, it happens more than you'd like to admit), have a few drinks and spend the evening putting outfits together. Maybe you don't need the drinks, but a little alcohol always gets my creative juices flowing. The point is to mix and match pieces that you wouldn't normally wear together. I try to do this at least once a month and always end up with tons of great outfit ideas. I've got about five outfits, including this one, waiting to be worn from my recent "dress up" session.

In more exciting news, I'm officially done at the bridal salon! I am beyond relieved to be done with that part of my life and looking forward to upcoming changes. In fact, I start training for my new month-long job at Texas Monthly today. Wish me luck!


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  2. Big big changes! I hope the next month is fulfilling, easier than you expect and all of the transitions go smoothly!