28 May 2011

The Stand-In Photographer


My sister, Clarissa, has been nice enough to be my photographer while we're in Harlingen. Well, I guess I didn't really give her a choice. Either way, she's turned out to be a great photographer! Lately, I've been depending on other people to take my pictures instead of using a tripod. It's easier to get more visually appealing photos when the camera isn't stuck in one position. Unfortunately, I don't always have someone at my beck and call to take my pictures.

I'll be leaving the Rio Grande Valley tomorrow to stay with my dad and step-mom in San Antonio for the night. It's been a fun, but short trip. After our family Memorial Day barbecue, I'll be on the road back to Austin on Monday.

On Saturday, I wore a Gap skirt, a Forever 21 shirt, a belt from Goodwill, and L.e.i. shoes from Walmart.


  1. Jackie E KennedyMay 30, 2011 at 10:51 AM

    LOVE these pictures. Especially the last one! You're so happy :)

  2. This last picture is IT!!! I really like the white eyelet vintage like skirt.I just did alot of styling youtube vid. ect with a lot of vintage 80's skirts I came into and Love it!! So nice to see. You radiate thru the photos girl!