03 February 2012

Professional Ensemble

Forever 21 dress and necklace, Urban Outfitter tights, Banana Republic flats

This is the kind of outfit I wear to work at Alfred Angelo Bridal. I try to appear professional without looking like I'm trying too hard. It's difficult to find outfits like this among the colorful maxi skirts, thrifted blouses, and vintage dresses in my closet. One of the reasons I've been trying to clean out my closet is to really figure out my style. I have so many clothes stuffed in my closet and enough is enough. How can I know what I really like when I have so many options?

For example, I have so many skirts (short, midi, maxi, you name it) that I'm having to hang two on one hanger. That's not OK, especially because I really do have a lot of hangers. If I can't find more than two ways to wear a skirt with a top in my closet, it doesn't make the cut. Sayonara, skirt! It's harsh, but totally worth it.

How do you go about cleaning your closet?


  1. I love everything! I've been wanting some statement necklaces like that! I need to go to Forever 21 soon... 

    I also went to the blue hanger outlet the other day and managed to find a lot of things for only $10! I loved it  :)

  2. I'm always trying to refine my style and clean out my closet.  When I go through my closet I ask myself, "Is this item really "Kara"?"  "Is this really the image I want to project?"  "Is this the "Kara" I want to be?"  Usually by the time I answer these question, I have a pretty good idea of whether the item should stay or go.

  3. I'm so glad to hear that! I haven't been in a while and am craving a good blue hanger shopping trip.  

  4. Thanks Kara. I really need to get out of the "maybe I'll wear this someday". If it's been sitting in my closet untouched for way too long, it's time for it to go.

  5. I have the same struggle trying to translate my closet (which I try to fill with pieces I LOVE) into a work environment.

  6. I have a very similar dress but in a thicker knit and with pockets in the front. Things like this are so easy to wear to work!!