02 February 2012

My Day Off

vintage dress from Cream Vintage, Forever 21 lace bolero,
Montego Bay wedges from Payless 

Finally, a day off! I didn't do anything too exciting, just ran the usual errands I haven't had the time to do while working everyday. I've been slowly pulling things out of my closet to sell to Buffalo Exchange, so that was my first errand of the day. I made $32, which I then used for gas. Don't you hate that? It's all part of a being an adult, I guess.

Then, I went to Old Navy to return a sweater that I didn't need since it's been 80 degrees lately. Of course, instead of returning it, I ended up exchanging it for a sleeveless trench coat. I've been looking for something similar since I saw Krystal from This Time Tomorrow wearing hers here and here. I mean, can you get any more chic? I can't wait to wear it!

After that, I stopped back home for lunch and to hang out with Matt for a bit. I dropped him off on campus and then went to the post office to send my fifth Esty sale (yay!). Then, I did some laundry and bought some cat food.

It was a really exciting day.

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