09 February 2012

Work, Work, Work

thrifted vintage blouse, Levi's jeans from Urban Outfitters,
DV Dolce Vita wedges from Nordstrom, Forever 21 earrings

If I worked a normal 9-5 salaried job, today would be my Saturday. Unfortunately, I'm working my ass off in the world of retail. I've worked between seven to 11 hours a day for the last five days in a row and I'm TIRED. I'm not sure when my next day off is, but I do know for sure I'm working through Sunday evening.

As much as I love complaining about it, I really am glad to be working instead of being in school. At least when I'm home after a long day of work, I don't have any homework. The only homework I have is what I assign for myself including maintaining this blog, which I haven't been doing a very good job of. I've also been slacking on my Etsy store as well as keeping up with my writing for Broke & Chic. I don't know how other bloggers with full-time jobs do it all!

Instead of stressing about it, I'm going to start coming up with ways to make time for everything. First of all, I need to start waking up at the same time everyday, so that I can have some sort of routine. Next, I need to get a planner. I always had a planner for school, but I didn't think to get one this year because I'm no longer a student. It's no wonder things aren't getting done. I need to write them down!

Wish me luck on making these changes!

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