24 February 2012

Pink Lace

vintage dress from Buffalo Exchange, vintage blazer from Cream Vintage,
thrifted Nine West wedges from the Goodwill Blue Hanger, vintage pearls from my step-mom

This is an outfit I wore to work at Alfred Angelo yesterday. I was working with a bride who wasn't really into lace dresses, but wanted to try one on to be sure. After trying on about five mermaid dresses, I put her in one of our best-selling lace dresses. Although she liked it, we both knew it wasn't really her. She was a really vivacious hairdresser with red hair and a va-va-voom body that begged for a fitted mermaid gown with some bling. The whole time she had the lace dress on, I kept describing it as sweet, girly, and romantic. It was only after the fact that I realized I was wearing lace myself. Pink lace, at that. I never really thought of myself of the sweet, romantic type, but I do love this dress.

Maybe my clothes tell me more things about myself than I thought...


  1. I secretly love Say yes to the dress so I liked this little tidbit :) 

  2. Love the use of nude shoes! I see yOU are going to TxSC next week too! -Virginia Lee Boyles http://vany212.com @vany212