09 May 2012

Cheater, Cheater

thrifted skirt, vintage blouse, Zara heels, Forever 21 earrings
As I already mentioned, I fell off the no-shopping wagon last week. In my defense, it was a pretty dress from Goodwill for $8.99 that I just couldn't pass up. Lesson learned: it's impossible for me to go to Goodwill without looking at the clothes. I originally went in to find ceramic pots for my new succulents. I didn't realize how hard it would be to find fun pots with draining holes. Every time I'd pick up something bright and colorful, I'd be disappointed to see that there were no holes. I read somewhere that you can make holes yourself, but I envisioned broken ceramic all over the place and decided it wasn't a good idea.

Instead, I decided to make more coffee can pots. I made a couple a few weeks ago to plant cilantro and flowers and since it worked so well, I figured it would work for succulents too. The best part is that it's amazingly easy. All you need is a large aluminum can (it can be a coffee can, a giant mandarin oranges can, or any fruit or vegetable can you desire), spray paint in your color of choice, a knife, and some gloves.

If your can has a label, remove it. Soak it in soapy water overnight if you need to. When your can is nice and bare, poke about four holes in the bottom for drainage with your knife. You can even use a nail and hammer if you don't want to mess up any of your knives. Then, put on your gloves and head outside to a spot that's not too windy. Set it upside down and start spraying. Wait a couple of minutes before you move it, then pick it up carefully and set it somewhere to dry overnight. It should be ready to use the next day!

Here's how mine turned out:

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Sorry about that. But seriously, this is so much cheaper than buying pots. Matt even helped me spray paint polka dots on my latest can. Photos and instructions for that project are coming soon!


  1. AMAzING!!! I love your shoes! And these coffee can pots are genius!

  2. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Love it!