14 May 2012


thrifted top, Urban Outfitters skirt, Forever 21 earrings, Bakers sandals,
This outfit makes me feel like I should be riding a magic carpet. I don't know if it's the print of my top or my flowy skirt, but I like it either way.

My project at Texas Monthly will be over soon, probably by the end of this week. Both my boyfriend and my best friend are graduating this Friday, so if I'm not done with my work at the end of Thursday, my project might run over into next week. I work both Saturday and Sunday at the bridal salon, so I'll have to squeeze in celebrating somehow.

Even though I graduated over five months ago, it seems like it was just yesterday. It feels weird to not call myself a "student". If I'm not a student, what am I? Maybe I'll feel differently when I find a job that I actually consider a career. Which reminds me, I should start checking the Houston job market again since I'll be moving in July. It's going to be like I just graduated all over again, applying for any job that seems applicable to my work experience. I'm definitely not looking forward to writing a ton of cover letters and never hearing back from possible employers. Searching for a new job is never enjoyable unless you know the right people. So...does anyone know who's hiring in Houston?


  1. You're probably feeling like princess Jasmine 

    I'm kind of on the same boat as you, I'll be starting the last semester of grad school in August and then...that's it?! Fuck I'm scared!

  2. beautiful girl, beautiful style. i graduated almost a full year ago & STILL get confused when i have to fill out a form and put something other than student as my occupation. i wonder when the feeling passes? xo. 

  3. that's funny you talk about being a student because just yesterday my husband said "hey, your all done school" and i was like..."ya...crazy". the funny thing is that i finished in spring 2010! lol. 

    you look very elegant and comfortable at the same time :)