17 May 2012

We're Back!

vintage floral pants from Cream Vintage,
Forever 21 shirt and earrings, Steve Madden wedges
The title isn't referring to that awesome movie about dinosaurs from my childhood, in case you were wondering. Instead, "we"refers to my awesome pants. I found them at the vintage store where I used to work, hiding among the random items in the racks. Even though they probably used to belong to an elderly woman who wore them with a matching blouse and white orthopedic shoes, I love them all the same. They've been sitting in my closet, unworn, since last summer and I was so excited to break them out. It's like wearing pajamas!

I haven't worn these shoes since last summer, either. After wearing them with this outfit, I accidently left them at my best friend's apartment. It was pouring rain that evening and I didn't want to slip in the parking lot, so I wore flip-flops to walk to my car and forgot my wedges. Hopefully, I'll get them back soon and you'll see more of them than you can stand!

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