08 May 2012


thrifted skirt, denim jacket and shirt from Gap,
Forever 21 earrings, Bakers sandals
Please excuse my recent absence. I'm not sure what's been keeping me away, but I seriously haven't taken an outfit photo or posted anything in at least five days. In fact, I barely even remember wearing this outfit, but I do know that I wore it to work sometime last week. At the end of last week and throughout the weekend, instead of channeling my energy into documenting my outfits, I tackled a few DIY projects. Although they were all successful, I'm really proud of one particular project. Allow me to elaborate.

I stumbled upon KTRstyle last week and I immediatly fell in love with her homemade tulle ballerina skirt. Without even pausing to think about how difficult it might be, I decided I needed a skirt like that in my life. Since I've banned myself from shopping (I caved once last week, shhhh), I figure it doesn't count if I make the clothing item myself. So, I spent two days making a mint ballerina skirt that turned out way better than I expected. I haven't taken outfit photos with it yet because I still need a plain white slip to wear underneath, but here's a preview via Instagram:

I'll be posting a how-to this week, so you can make your own! I don't know about you, but I want one in every color. I'll also be sure to post outfit pictures wearing my homemade skirt later this week when it finally stops raining.

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