17 January 2012

Attempting to be an Entrepreneur

Old Navy pants, thrifted boots and sweater from Goodwill, gifted scarf from
my boyfriend's grandmother, Calvin Klein pea coat from Burlington Coat Factory

If you don't already know, I've recently started an Etsy store selling vintage clothing. I started it less than a month ago and I've already sold two items! I literally jumped for joy when I got the email telling me that I'd sold my first item. The novelty of selling something all by myself still hadn't worn off yet when I sold my second item yesterday. I like to check my email while I'm still in bed in the mornings (as a way to avoid actually getting up) and when I found out I sold another item, I jumped out of bed and fist-pumped the air. No joke. Thanks, Etsy, for getting me out of bed.

I started the store without knowing if anything would actually sell. I just wanted a way to get rid of the stuff I have piling up in my closet...and in the dining room. I'm not doing it so much for profit (although it's been nice), but more of way to give these great vintage pieces I have a home. It's a good feeling knowing that someone is getting use out of out of the awesome stuff I don't have room for anymore.

Be sure to visit my Etsy store at the same name as my blog, The Closet de Natalie!


  1. WOW, I took a look through your Etsy store and I LOVE what I'm seeing! The pieces you're selling are SO nice, I especially love that wool skirt but I'm actually allergic to wool!

  2. It's cause you have cute things at affordable prices! Good luck with it, I'm sure you'll do well :)