31 January 2012

Unexpected Combination

dress from Langford Market, sweater from New York & Company,
Forever 21 earrings and boots, tights from ???

I surprise myself sometimes. I used to think I didn't like brown and pink together, but somehow I ended up wearing this yesterday. I've been getting in the habit of setting aside clothes I haven't worn in awhile as a reminder to wear them. It helps me decide what I should actually keep in my closet. If I can't find a way to wear it in a week, there's no reason to keep it. I hadn't worn this sweater or dress in months, so I hung them on my closet door with the intention to wear them this week. I added brown tights and boots, and voila, I had an outfit. I got quite a few compliments on this ensemble, which did good things for my ego. I have a few other things hanging on my closet door, so hopefully you'll be seeing them this week. If not, out they go!

1 comment:

  1. it's amazing how much a simple bootie can play up a whole outfit! just love them. and the dress is so cute, what darling ruffles.