10 January 2012

Leopard Obsessed

thrifted leopard dress, Gap cardigan, belt from Wish (closed),
Forever 21 necklace, Montego Bay Wedges from Payless

I think I'm a leopardoholic. In fact, I might need to cut down. I own the following leopard print clothing items: this dress (also worn here), a skirt (worn here), a coat (worn here and here), a belt (worn here and here), shoes and a scarf (which surprisingly have never been blogged). I guess it's not that many items, but it feels like there's a lot in my closet. I once threatened Matt that I was going to wear all my leopard print items at the same time and he looked absolutely horrified. I wasn't really going to; I just wanted to scare him.

Speaking of my boyfriend, when he saw me wearing this outfit, he asked why my belt was outside of my sweater. He said it looked weird, so then I started second-guessing myself only to quickly realize he has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to clothes. I've never worn a belt over a cardigan, but it felt right with this outfit. In fact, I might even try it again soon. Take that, Matt!

Just kidding. I love you!

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