17 January 2012

Four Eyes

vintage skirt from Little Tin Soldier via Smashion, vintage blouse from an estate sale,
thrifted belt from Goodwill, thrifted Nine West wedges from the Goodwill Blue Hanger

I never wear my glasses out. In fact, I pretty much only wear them at night when I take off my contacts. As you've probably noticed, I'm wearing my glasses for the first time ever on this blog. Maybe it's because I've been wearing contacts for so long (give or take, 12 years), but my eyes feel almost naked without them. When I wear my glasses, I feel as though I don't have any peripheral vision and that all my other senses are out of whack. I also feel a little self-conscious wearing them.

Now, let me explain why I'm wearing my glasses in public because it's definitely not by choice. Basically, my allergies were so horrible last week that even my eyes were affected. They were itchy, red and watery and I made the mistake of rubbing them constantly. Somehow, I ended up infecting them and contracting pink eye. Ewww, I know. I went to the doctor before the weekend and they gave me some eye drops and instructions to not wear my contacts for at least a week. It's been four days and although I've been feeling a little limited by this slight handicap, it's starting to feel more natural. You'll see me wearing my glasses for the next few days, so get used to it. I sure am!


  1. I know how you feel, allergies are killing us all. You look adorable in your specs and the compliment that sweet outfit!

  2. Thanks Michelle! It's such a pain because I can't stop sneezing either!