10 June 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New

I went on a little selling spree today. I took all the clothing, shoes and accessories that I didn't want anymore to Buffalo Exchange and earned $40 in credit. I walked away with new sandals and $20 in my pocket. Since they passed on a lot of items, I decided to try selling the rest of my stuff to Plato's Closet. I earned another $20 there and was feeling pretty pleased with myself, so I thought I deserved a reward. I went to Forever 21 and bought a beautiful maxi dress that left me with only $15.

Even though I didn't make too much of a profit, I'd say it was a good day of trading. I got rid of all the stuff that was taking up space in my closet and replaced it with a single item that I love. I even have a little money left over!

On a side note, I'm proud to say that I've become so comfortable in wedges that I can shop, sell and work in them for hours at a time. High five, anyone?

On Friday, I wore Gap jeans, a Banana Republic shirt, a necklace from Target, and Steve Madden wedges.

1 comment:

  1. Natalie, I really love this outfit! I'm all for minimalism with a touch of color! I loved it even more when I scrolled down to the bottom and got a better view of your shoes. Super cool! I need to snag me some of those! Love you blog!!! :)