22 June 2011

The Purple Pants Strike Again

Just in case you still weren't sure if these are pants or a skirt

Rain always makes me feel like curling up in a cozy bed with a good book. That's exactly what I did all morning until I went to lunch with Matt. Now that it's stopped raining, I'm thinking about venturing out into Baytown on my own. I'm planning to visit the only used book store in town, The Book Barn, and pick up some milk to drink with my afternoon espresso and probably some beer for this evening.

Oh, have I not mentioned that Matt has an espresso maker? And that we will be living together in less than two months, so that espresso maker will soon be in my possession?? I can drink lattes anytime I want!! I love espresso!!!

I haven't even drank any yet...

On Wednesday, I wore a Cherokee top from Family Thrift Center, gaucho pants from Cream Vintage, L.e.i. shoes from Walmart, and a Forever 21 necklace.

Check out other ways I wore these pants here and here.

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