05 June 2011

Sorry for Slacking

I've been allowing myself to take off way too many days from blogging. Matt was in town this weekend, and even though I worked both Saturday and Sunday, we had a great time. We partied on 6th St., fell asleep in our clothes with the lights on, and then woke up in time for a Groupon brunch at Russel's Bistro. Basically, I was too busy having fun to find time to work on my computer.

I'm glad I enjoyed my weekend, but it's time to get back to work. In between spending as much time as possible with Matt, working at the store, keeping up with my newest project, the official Cream Vintage blog AND this personal style blog, I'm feeling pretty good about this summer. I don't have to read silly textbooks or go to pointless classes. Instead, I get to spend my time thinking about vintage clothing. I can't think of a more perfect summer. Well, only if Matt were back in Austin. I guess we can't have it all. 


On Thursday (& Friday), I wore a skirt from Buffalo Exchange, a Forever 21 top, Steve Madden wedges, and a necklace from Sears. I should have taken a better picture of it because you can't really tell that it's a jade elephant. I bought it when I worked at the Sears jewelry counter in high school.

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