19 June 2011

Rainbow Bright

I think it's time to stop beating myself up for not posting as often as I used to. There have been days that were just way too hot to get dressed, let alone stand outside to take pictures. Other days just seem to slip away from me while I'm having fun and before I know it, the sun's gone down.

This weekend has been a big blur. Matt came to Austin Friday night, so we hung out with some friends and stayed up pretty late. I still had to work on Saturday, but Matt and I wanted to go to the Greenbelt as soon as I got off at 5. I think we chose the wrong Greenbelt because we kept walking and never reached any water. Damn drought! It was very sad until we decided to just plop down on the edge of some random cliff and drink the beers we had brought with us. Even though we didn't get to cool ourselves off in a refreshing body of water after our long hike, it was still fun being out in nature with Matt.

Now, it's off to San Antonio to see my dad for Father's Day.

On Friday, I wore vintage dress from Cream Vintage, a Forever 21 belt and Sam Edelman sandals.

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