06 April 2011

Boa Tarde
Good Afternoon

I was assigned an interesting project in my Portuguese class today. I'm supposed to record an example of Portuguese being spoken here in Austin. I even got to check out an iPod touch to record it with. I think I'm going to put my journalistic skills to use and interview this great Brazilian couple that lives downstairs. We've only spoken a few times, mostly when I'm outside taking outfit photos, but they are always really nice. Still, it will probably be a little awkward when I knock on their door for an interview. Maybe I should bake them some cookies as a bribe to let me in.

I'm looking forward to this project. Now that I think about, I've actually been enjoying most of my work this semester. Why did it take until the end of my college career for the classes to get interesting?

On Tuesday, I wore a GAP dress, a knitted shawl from Cream Vintage, and Moostsies Tootsies sandals from Buffalo Exchange.

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